How to cut and store our cheese

Appleby’s cheese is best enjoyed at room temperature and is extremely versatile

How to cut and store our cheese


  • If your cheese is vacuum packed when purchased it can last up to 3 weeks in the fridge until the seal is broken
  • If your cheese is cling filmed or wrapped in grease proof paper when purchased it can last for up to one week in the fridge if it is sealed securely
  • Our cheese can be frozen when it is vacuum packed or cling filmed but it should not be kept in the freezer for more than a couple of months. The texture of the cheese will also be more crumbly once it has been frozen, so it would be advised to grate the cheese prior to freezing as this prevents the loss of quality

Appleby’s Baby Cheshire Care:

  • Our whole calico bound baby Cheshire (1kg/ 2.5lb) should be kept in a cool environment such as a pantry and for the best possible conditions it should be covered with a damp cloth, turned and rubbed weekly.
  • When cutting our baby Cheshire you should cut the lid off so that it can be replaced each time after serving
  • The open space of the baby Cheshire should be cling filmed each time before replacing the lid
  • The calico cloth on the baby Cheshire should only be removed as far as necessary each time it is cut


  • To enhance the flavour of our cheese it is advised that you should take it out of the fridge at least two hours before serving
  • When cutting our cheeses you should cut them into slices like a cake and present them on the cheese board with the rind still present (the rind is delicious and can/ should be eaten!)
  • When cutting the slice of cheese on the cheese board you should aim to keep it in a triangular shape – so they can enjoy the cheese all the way through!
  • If you are serving Appleby’s cheese as a main course allow for about 120g (40z) per person
  • If you are serving Appleby’s cheese to follow a main course (ie after dinner cheeseboard) allow 55g (2oz per person)
  • All three products can be enjoyed simply with plain cheese biscuits or bread and fruity chutney
  • There is no rule for butter or no butter on cheese biscuits with Appleby’s cheese, but if you enjoy butter we recommend a good quality British farmhouse butter to complement the cheese
  • Appleby’s Cheshire goes particularly well with fruit cake, figs or dates, as the acidity complements the sweetness of the fruit
  • Appleby’s Cheshire and Appleby’s Smoked have excellent cooking properties
  • Appleby’s Double Gloucester has a less dominant flavour and needs to be balanced with subtle accompaniments; it also cooks beautifully
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